Friday, 12 December 2008

End of the semester

Today was the end of the semester for me. At least as far as teaching goes. We still have finals left next week and I still have stacks of grading to do, but the end is in sight! It's been a pretty good first semester back from sabbatical. Z seems to have adjusted well to the change in schedule, and it is nice to have a job you love!
In other news, we got our Christmas tree last night. This is Z's first tree. So far, he hasn't broken any ornaments.
And a few more pictures of the boy:
All bundled up to go for a walk!
Z likes to play with my headbands. He's got one tucked under his arm there.
And now it's on his head!


Ron&Kathy said...

So glad you love your job. What a blessing! And Z...what a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I found you. I am turtle slow at email anymore so can't even find the sweet emails you sent when Evan was born. Thank you for them! Started a blog today and somehow remembered yours and thought I'd say hello. Hope you sre well-glad to see that Diet Coke is still your sidekick. I'm still addicted to coffee and Mountain Dew! Loves, Sara

Ron&Kathy said...

Post a picture of your Christmas Tree. I want to see it.