Saturday, 11 April 2009

Henry Doorly Zoo

A couple of weeks ago, during spring break, we had the chance to go to Omaha to visit the world-renowned Henry Doorly Zoo. We drove down Monday morning and spent Monday afternoon walking around the Old Market District. In this shop, you can see Z really enjoys all the soft animal furs!

Here's Z in our hotel room, tossing around his ball. We had huge storms that night, including tornadoes. When we asked the woman working at the hotel desk what the procedure was when the tornado siren went off (which is what they were doing), she said, "I don't know." Very helpful and well trained.

And here we are at the zoo. We headed for the aquarium first, which is wonderful! It includes a glass tunnel that goes through the aquarium, so there are fish on three sides. Z loved it! He walked into the tunnel area, took one look around, and started running in circles waving his arms. Then he flopped on the floor, laid on his back, and took in the view.

Z also really enjoyed the goats at the petting zoo. This one seemed to like Z back.

Here we are in the desert dome. Z clearly liked the big open spaces, since the running in circles began again, although he didn't flop on his back this time.

The meerkats in the desert dome.

And here we are in the jungle.

Z seemed to think it was a little loud, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Nathan was wanting to see a sloth, and we finally found one. He's in the tree in the background -- kind of hard to see.

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