Sunday, 5 July 2009


Last week we got back from almost a two week vacation to California to see all of Nathan's family. Below are pictures in no particular order.

Granpa and Uncle Jeremy relaxing at the park.

The kids loved Uncle Derek's ability to make funny faces!

Z, as usual, loved the balls.

This was a common pose for Evie -- waiting patiently for Z to decide to throw the ball to her.

Grandma with baby Libby.

Aunt Ann with baby Libby.

Papa John (great-grandfather) with baby Libby.

Amah, Z and Nathan on a hike. Z loved climbing that tree!

A gorgeous day at the beach!

At first Z was pretty scared of the sand and waves, but very soon found out how fun the sand was. The waves were still pretty scary.

Z and Evie loved the Mr. Potato Head. Amah did an HILARIOUS skit with him that Evie made her repeat about 10 times. It got funnier every time.

Libby in her car seat -- just hanging out.

Uncle Jeremy and Amah.

The cousins at play.

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