Thursday, 21 January 2010

Learning Letters

Now if we could just get him potty-trained!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Christmas in Kansas

We went down to Kansas for Christmas this year and spent a week seeing the Stegall family. We arrived in Kansas just in time for the big snow (and escaped Sioux Falls just before the big snow started)! It got so snowy and blowy that Micah and Christie and their kids and Liz joined us and Abe at Mom and Dad's house on Christmas Eve. It was a big Christmas slumber party! Everyone had a great time, many presents were opened, much delicious food was eaten, and Mom and I got to watch It's a Wonderful Life. Pretty good.

Papoo in the big chair with the grandkids and the dog (who thinks she's a grandkid).

Opening presents.

General Christmas hub-bub.

Examining the Christmas candy with great delight and anticipation!

Can you tell we're related?

Nathan and Simon led us all in singing Christmas carols.

What a cutie!

All tired out -- what a day!

You'd think it was Halloween!