Saturday, 1 May 2010

A Month in Pictures

Well, it has been way too long! As a result, I have a million pictures, all from the same month. During that time, the snow has melted, Nathan spent two weeks in Edinburgh, Z and I spent one week and Kansas, and we celebrated Easter! So, here we go!

A few weeks ago I was in the car with Z and asked, "How you doing?" He said, "I the man!" I turned around to see this:

Z enjoyed raking the snow as it was all melting away. Just about a week before this picture was taken, the snow in our backyard was about 2 feet high.

Z was in the bathtub one night and I heard him say, "Mama, I made the sun shine!" I came into the bathroom to find he had made this with his bath toys:

While Nathan was in Edinburgh, Z and I went to Kansas and stayed with Yaya and Papu for a week during my spring break. We spent one day at the Topeka Zoo with Papu, Uncle Micah, Aunt Christie, Grady, Charis, and Katy. It was a GORGEOUS day, especially for us sun and heat starved South Dakotans. What fun!

There's my beautiful boy.

Micah, Christie, with the gorilla.

Ditto for me and Z.
Inside the rain forest.

The iguana was sunning himself on the sidewalk. We even got to touch him!

Instead of Goldilocks and the three bears, this looks like the bear and the three goldilocks (ok, the two goldilocks and the one . . . darklocks?)

Z and Grady hanging out at the pond. About 2 minutes after I took this picture, Z fell in. Ah. . . the boy's life!

Nathan came home from Edinburgh and we very happily celebrated Easter. Here we are Sunday morning.

Opening Easter baskets! (or boxes)

Z got a Vikings balloon with his basket.

And a Veggie Tales coloring book . . .

which included a page of stickers!

We had Easter lunch with some friends, and concluded the day with a huge Easter egg hunt!

Here's the whole crowd. It was a very happy day.


Kathy Stegall said...

Wonderful pics! The sunshine thing....Z's a genius. Thanks.

Anne said...

"Mommy, I made the sun shine." Awww, write that one down! :)

Z doesn't look so excited about posing with the gorilla! :)

Was Z's pond adventure at the end of the day at least?

What a cutie Z is! :)

Carlene said...

Okay I'm late in catching up on you guys--but thought I would tell you I LOVE the family pic from Easter morning--ahhh...these people I love and miss so dearly! :)