Monday, 26 July 2010

Stegall Family Vacation: Part 2

We'll back up a bit for this post, and go to the beginning of the vacation. Nathan, Z, Lu and I took several days to get to Colorado, since we decided to drive through the Black Hills of South Dakota and spend a couple of days enjoying them.

Here's the backseat gang.

We drove the wildlife loop in Custer State Park and saw lots of fun animals, including "wild" donkeys. They really enjoyed Lu's dogfood.

Mother and baby.

We stopped several times in Custer just to get out and hike a little. So beautiful! These two aren't bad looking either!

Hiking. You can see Lu a little further up than Nathan and Z if you look closely.

This is the church in Jefferson, CO where we spent our Sunday morning. I think our family doubled the normal number of the attendees.

Cute little Katy.

Charis, Z and Grady watching a movie. I don't think Charis is asleep, we just caught her blinking (so like Yaya!). Z and Grady are obviously engrossed.

Here we are at the Continental Divide, about halfway between Breckinridge and our cabin.

The day we went to Breckinridge we stopped for gas and got Z his own bag of Cheetos as a treat. Once back in the car, as Nathan and I examined the map, I asked Z if he wanted me to open the bag for him. He said, "No, not until the car is going." He wanted to save the treat for the road!

There was a beautiful stream running right through Breckinridge, just inviting us to put our feet in.

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Anne said...

Z is looking so much bigger! :) Looks like a beautiful vacation. Weren't the Black Hills gorgeous? Not like the Rockies, I suppose, but still nice. :)