Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Go Jayhawks!

Ever since we got back from Kansas, Z has been into "tatooing" himself with his magic markers. Since they're washable, it seems harmless enough. (I'm sure I'll regret those words when he comes home at 16 with a real tattoo!) This morning he asked for a Jayhawk tattoo. You can tell where and with whom he spent his vacation!

Although I am not the world's best tattoo artist, when I was done, Z looked at it in awe and said, "That is so cool!"


yaya said...

WOW! I'm pretty impressed too!

Christie said...

I'll just say "I'm Sorry!" That tattoo thing came from our house as it is one of Katy's favorite past times. :) But I'm impressed but the Jayhawk. Way to go!!

megarber said...

I am equally impressed with your artistry! Also, thanks for posting all those Christmas pictures. They make me sad not to have been there too but happy to see such special people in a special setting that I love.