Friday, 22 July 2011

Photo Shoot

Last week I decided to do a little photo shoot with Eden. Before she was born I bought her several very sweet little dresses, which she is now big enough to wear. Plus, she's very smiley these days. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to record on film my beautiful daughter and her cute little wardrobe.

Things didn't quite go as planned. In Eden's defense, it was very hot outside. (We were outside in an attempt to get some natural light.) Nonetheless, she was decidedly uncooperative.

First she refused to smile.

Then she stopped making eye contact.

Then she began gnawing on her fists. I don't know if she was trying to irritate her cameraman or was just feeling nervous.

And then it all went bad. The dress came up . . .

and the screaming started.

In the end she was just really ticked off.

Speaking of clothes we bought before she was born, here's the outfit Nathan purchased for her:

A close-up:

We both think this onesie is hilarious, but no one else does. They either don't get it or don't appreciate it . . . maybe both. All we've gotten so far are polite smiles and puzzled looks. I guess that's what happens when you're reformed and go to a pentacostal church.

Yeah, I can't get rid of this picture. Isn't that just like a crying baby?

Happy 4th!

No, not the 4th of July, but Z's 4th birthday! Z turned 4 on July 15, and we had a birthday party with folks from church the next day. Here's the birthday boy telling us how old he is.

We had a pinata, so the kids are picking up the candy and squirreling it away in their bags.

Our good friends, Mitch and Jennifer:


Z specifically requested cupcakes. (Thankfully last year's cake did not fool him into thinking that's what he would get every year!) He picked strawberry cake with strawberry icing.

Enjoying the cupcake:

Although I specifically told everyone they did not need to bring gifts, everyone still brought one, much to Z's happiness.

Our gift to Z was too big to wrap, so it was hidden in the basement under a quilt.

The joy of discovery!

Now he just needs to learn how to pedal!

And a video of the pinata:

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Summer Vacation Part 1: Kansas

We were gone on vacation for nearly three weeks during June. The first part of the trip was to Kansas to visit the Stegall clan. We stopped in Omaha for the night to make the trip a little easier and so we could go to the Omaha zoo. We had reserved a hotel room on-line that was supposed to be a suite. When we got there, they led us to what was actually a fairly small single room. After complaining, we were told the hotel had no suites at all, but they would upgrade us to a jacuzzi room. We decided to take the offer. The room was not the greatest, and Nathan and I were a little put out by the whole thing until Z prayed over our dinner. His prayer went something like this: "Thank you God for our room. Thank you that it has all sorts of cool things in it. Thank you that it has a TV. Thank you that I get my own bed. And thank you that it has a swimming pool in the room!"

Here are a few pics of the Omaha zoo. There's a three toed sloth behind Nathan and Z. (The fish picture at the top is also at the zoo.)

My parents' house in Kansas:

Z and Quentin having fun outside:

Caleb is now special counsel to the Kansas governor, so he works in the state capital and gave us a tour. Here we are outside at the top of the front steps:

Z is sitting in what used to be the chair belonging to the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court. The room is no longer used for the court, though. We told him to point as if directing our eyes towards justice. Unfortunately, it looks more like he's doing a disco move.

Here's a larger look at the room. You can see Liz joined us for the morning, which was very nice.

This picture was taken in the room where the Kansas state senate meets. Z found this Jayhawk cutout on the desk of one of the senators. He came running up to me with it on his head and said, "Is this a king's crown?" Only in Kansas, Z, only in Kansas.

We also had a day at the Topeka zoo with many (but not all) of the cousins. This is Katy and Charis looking adorable in their pigtails.

The boy cousins getting in on the photo op. That's Quentin and Theo.

Katy and Uncle Micah:

A bunch of cousing -- Z, Charis, Grady, Theo and Quentin:

And there they are all in a row:

And finally Eden. Look at those big blue eyes!

I'm realizing we took very few pictures of the adults. We'll have to remedy that next time we see everyone!