Friday, 22 July 2011

Happy 4th!

No, not the 4th of July, but Z's 4th birthday! Z turned 4 on July 15, and we had a birthday party with folks from church the next day. Here's the birthday boy telling us how old he is.

We had a pinata, so the kids are picking up the candy and squirreling it away in their bags.

Our good friends, Mitch and Jennifer:


Z specifically requested cupcakes. (Thankfully last year's cake did not fool him into thinking that's what he would get every year!) He picked strawberry cake with strawberry icing.

Enjoying the cupcake:

Although I specifically told everyone they did not need to bring gifts, everyone still brought one, much to Z's happiness.

Our gift to Z was too big to wrap, so it was hidden in the basement under a quilt.

The joy of discovery!

Now he just needs to learn how to pedal!

And a video of the pinata:


Meriah said...

i think i know one of z's party guests--her name is Jennifer Falkenstien, she's in the picture with mitchell. i didn't know you knew them! fun--i love her. she's such a wonderful lady.

Yaya said...

Happy Birthday, Z! What fun. Now he can zoom up and down the sidewalk in a flash of red.