Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Winter Thrills

Today Z asked me when winter would start. I told him probably in about 3 months (if we're lucky). His response was great joy. My response to that: puzzlement. When I asked him why he wanted it to be winter he said, "Because then I can wear my new boots that Steven gave me!"

Apparently still thinking about winter when we got home from our walk, he asked to see his Spiderman coat. We both were thinking it would be too small this year, but when we put it on him, it still fit! Z was thrilled -- just one more reason to look forward to winter. I left him looking at himself in the mirror and went to get dinner. When I came back a few minutes later to call him to the table, he was still gazing lovingly at his reflection. I told him to come to supper and he said, "Just a minute, Mama. I'm trying to see if I look awesome."

Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer Vacation Part 2: Mexico

After a week in Kansas, we went to Mexico to visit Lee and Cindy for just a little over a week. They live in a little village named Ajijic on Lake Chapala. Below are some pictures from our visit.

This is the street we stayed on.

Our little house had a very pretty little courtyard.

The inside was very comfortable.

Z looking out over the lake as we waited for our breakfast.

Eden looking startled about something.

Nathan and Z went for a hike with Grandpa. I think they're examining a dung beetle in this picture.

Z and Grandma.

Me and Cindy.

Nathan and Lee on a hike. The village is spread out below them.
(Yes, Nathan's shirt says "Buckbo.")

Z and Grandpa on the way down.

Z and Nathan.

Nathan and Z watching Airplane on TV. Z loved having a TV but could not figure out why we couldn't just fast forward over the ads. He kept saying, "Mama, I do not like these!"

Me and Eden.

Z on the lake. Unfortunately there was no swimming, but it was very beautiful.

We ate at what seemed to be a little hole in the wall restaurant, but once you got through the front door, it opened up into beautiful gardens with little tables scattered around. Z explored as we waited for our meal.

Nathan and Lee took a trip to Tequila and sampled its wares.

Z getting sunscreened up before swimming in the pool at Grandpa and Grandma's.

Fun times in the pool!

Grandpa and Grandma gave Z a birthday party since they wouldn't be able to be with him on his actual birthday. We had pizza and a tower of little fruit tarts. Delicious!

We also had a pinata. Of course. We were in Mexico, after all.

Looking for goodies.

Family portrait.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Eden's Stats

Eden had her 4 month doctor's appointment today. Here's what we found out:

Head size: 42 centimeters (75th percentile)
Height: 25 and 1/4 inches (77th percentile)
Weight: 13 pounds 6 ounces (33rd percentile)