Monday, 15 August 2011

Summer Vacation Part 2: Mexico

After a week in Kansas, we went to Mexico to visit Lee and Cindy for just a little over a week. They live in a little village named Ajijic on Lake Chapala. Below are some pictures from our visit.

This is the street we stayed on.

Our little house had a very pretty little courtyard.

The inside was very comfortable.

Z looking out over the lake as we waited for our breakfast.

Eden looking startled about something.

Nathan and Z went for a hike with Grandpa. I think they're examining a dung beetle in this picture.

Z and Grandma.

Me and Cindy.

Nathan and Lee on a hike. The village is spread out below them.
(Yes, Nathan's shirt says "Buckbo.")

Z and Grandpa on the way down.

Z and Nathan.

Nathan and Z watching Airplane on TV. Z loved having a TV but could not figure out why we couldn't just fast forward over the ads. He kept saying, "Mama, I do not like these!"

Me and Eden.

Z on the lake. Unfortunately there was no swimming, but it was very beautiful.

We ate at what seemed to be a little hole in the wall restaurant, but once you got through the front door, it opened up into beautiful gardens with little tables scattered around. Z explored as we waited for our meal.

Nathan and Lee took a trip to Tequila and sampled its wares.

Z getting sunscreened up before swimming in the pool at Grandpa and Grandma's.

Fun times in the pool!

Grandpa and Grandma gave Z a birthday party since they wouldn't be able to be with him on his actual birthday. We had pizza and a tower of little fruit tarts. Delicious!

We also had a pinata. Of course. We were in Mexico, after all.

Looking for goodies.

Family portrait.


MOM said...

WOW! The place is beautiful! Gorgeous! I can understand why Lee & Cindy live there. But the people in the pictures are the best - as always. Love you all.

megarber said...

Very cool! Had forgotten this was part of your summer. Great to see the pictures of all of you :).