Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas 2011

We spent a very merry Christmas in both South Dakota and Kansas over the month of December. We kicked off the season with the second annual L4 (Lower Latitude Limo Lark). This tradition began last year when we won a limo ride in a local raffle. We invited some friends to come along and make the whole experience a defiance of winter. Everyone was required to dress is summery clothes; we met a Bracco and ordered fruity drinks, and then rode the limo around town looking at the Christmas lights and stopping at ColdStone for icecream. This year the tradition continued. Below you can see me, Jennifer and Nicole sitting in front of a roaring fire in our summer finery.

Here's Nathan in his summer duds. Once again, we had folks come up and quote Christmas Vacation, since Nathan looks so much like Cousin Eddie in this get-up.

Z and the Christmas tree. This was the first year he really participated in picking out the tree and decorating it, and he loved every minute of it!

On the way down to Kansas we had a detour to Des Moines and a hotel with an indoor water park. Turns out we have two waterbabies now!

Eden in a super-cute little swimsuit she got when she was born. Thanks, Hiigels!

Christmas in Kansas is never complete without the punching balloons.

Katy and Faith.

Me and Z.

Caleb and Ann put together a Christmas jeopardy game. No one got the final jeopardy question: Who was ruling in Judea when Mary, Joseph and Jesus returned to Nazareth?

The babies -- Faith and Eden.

Z in his new USF football jersey.

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