Friday, 6 January 2012

Imprecatory Prayer

Over the last several months Z has learned the Lord's Prayer by heart, and we usually say it every night before bed. Often he asks a question related to the prayer, which is a good oportunity to discuss who God is and what he's doing. A couple of weeks ago Z asked "Who is the 'evil one'?" (We say, "Deliver us from the evil one.") So I did my best to explain about Satan, who used to be an angel but now hates God and fights against him and tries to get us to do the same thing. As you can imagine, Z was intrigued by this story and asked that I retell it several nights in a row. I always concluded by saying that Jesus is stronger than Satan and can protect us. A couple of nights ago he asked "Is Jesus going to kill Satan?" I told him that when Jesus comes back he will kill Satan (I decided not to get into the idea of eternal punishment), and that is one of the reason we hope Jesus comes back soon.

So tonight, after we said the Lord's Prayer, I told Z to pray to Jesus, and this is what he said:

"Dear Jesus, we hope that you come soon. We hope that you will help us to love and trust you. Thank you that you are stronger than Satan and that you fight against him. We hope that you will fight him and kill him. Please make him lie down on the ground and close his eyes and never get up again. Please make him be dead forever. Please do NOT raise him from the dead. We hope that you will throw him in water and he will never get out. Thank you Jesus. Amen."

And that's Z's verson of "Deliver us from the evil one." I like it.

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MOM said...

Z nailed it. He is a great example for my own prayers. Thank you, Z. Thank you, God. Out of the mouths of babes!