Saturday, 28 April 2012

Big Happenings

Recently Nathan and I discovered a wonderful city park called the Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum.  It's full of mature trees, has winding trails, and, best of all, has a beautiful creek running through it.  This is not your typical South Dakota creek, which I've dubbed "ditch creeks."  A ditch creek is just a narrow ditch with steep sides that happens to have water running through it, usually sluggish and pretty dirty.  The creek in the Arboretum is wider, has running water which is clean and clear, and, best of all, level sandbanks on the side and sandbars in the middle, perfect for playing.  We had a picnic dinner there last Wednesday and a good time was had by all, particularly one little boy!

And (drum roll!) Eden crawled for the first time today!!  She was pretty shaky and frustrated, but she did it!  She got chocolate chips in her Easter basket, and Nathan put one on the other side of the rug.  And she got it!  Unfortunately, our camera ran out of memory right at the end, but you can see most of the big event.


Yaya said...

Oh, they are both so adorable. I just want to hug them, dear sweet children!

Congrats to Eden! Oh, the pain and frustration of learning something new.

And Z in a SD stream in April! Makes me cold just to think about it.

MOM said...

Send more videos of Eden's little frog crawl.