Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter Reflections

I was reminded by my mom through a link on Facebook that yesterday was the anniversary of Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s death. The comment (not Mom’s) was complimentary towards Bonhoeffer’s piety but critical of him as a theologian. This naturally prompted me to think of all the reasons I love Bonhoeffer’s theology. These are too many for a single blog post, but the one that stood out on this third day of Easter is Bonhoeffer’s love for this real, concrete world and his unflagging hope that it would be redeemed by the Christ of God.

Sunday in church we sang a song that Nathan wrote that includes the lines:

You raise me up in this flesh,
With these eyes I will rise
And see your goodness!

And I was suddenly reminded that seeing the goodness of God is not confined to seeing God himself, although certainly that would be enough!   But as always, God is more than generous, so seeing all that he has made good in the resurrection is also a way that we will see God’s goodness. When we see all the ones we have loved and lost, that is seeing God’s goodness. When we see an earth made whole and beautiful, that is seeing God’s goodness. When we see the Church perfected, that is seeing God’s goodness. And seeing it with our own eyes, these eyes that have been raised up from the grave, that is God’s goodness.

So now, in this time before the resurrection of all flesh, we anticipate and reflect the goodness of God when we love the things of this world, when we practice an earthy faith that refuses to believe that anything is unredeemable, when we see the world as it will be even as we live in it as it is.

"We cannot pray for the coming of the kingdom on earth if we try to flee from the cares and responsibilities of earth, this earth.  Our prayer . . . places us in complete solidarity with our fellow men in their evil and their guilt.  When we pray for the coming of the kingdom of God we stand together  with the world.  We grind our teeth with them and with them clench our fists.  This is no time for lonely piety." 
   - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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Thy Kingdom come.