Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bread and Circuses

Last week the circus came to town!  Nathan took Z on Saturday night, and they stayed until intermission.  Then on Sunday afternoon I took Z to the second half.  It was actually pretty amazing and fun!

The animals!

The crowd!
(Z bought one of the glow wands the second night with his own money.)

The food!

The fun!

AND . . . more crawling to get, not bread, but chocolate chips.


MOM said...

We went to a good circus a few years ago with all the grands in Topeka. Yes, it was quite good! The pictures are great. So you paid twice for Z? What a fun time!

WOW! Eden has the hang of it now. But I'll still want more videos....just to be sure she is getting it.

Kiss them both for me!

MOM said...

Eden is so beautiful.

The Hitchcocks said...

The first night we had a free ticket for Z and the second night we both got in free since we came at intermission. We even got free cotton candy and a snow cone at the end of the evening!