Wednesday, 27 June 2012

UK Adventure -- Edinburgh

On May 15 my wonderful friend Trudy Bender and I left Sioux Falls for an eight day adventure in Scotland and England.  Our husbands stayed home with the kids and all the other house-keeping (and house-selling) duties, and off we went!  The official reason for going was so I could present a paper at a Harry Potter conference taking place at St. Andrew's University.  The unofficial reason was to see as much of the United Kingdom as is humanly possible in a one week period!  The trip was too full of excitement to capture with one post, so I'm doing it by days.  Most of the pictures were taken by Trudy, and the script in italics is taken from e-mails sent home by me to Nathan.

I'm sitting in the St. Andrews public library after just having lunch at The Doll's House. Joan was right -- it was delicious and affordable. Now I feel a sense of closure from our last visit here!

Our lunch at The Doll's House. 
This had been recommended to Nathan and I when we lived in Edinburgh, but we hadn't been able to find it when we visited St. Andrew's.

We got to Edinburgh at 11:00 yesterday morning and got the bus to city centre, which was just as easy as you said it would be. From there we stowed our backpacks at Waverly Station and went to the castle. It was just as amazing as I remembered it, and Trudy loved it! The neck pillow helped a little, so I think I did get about 3 hours of sleep on the plane, which isn't too bad and so I was feeling pretty good. After the castle we took a quick peek at St. Giles and then had a bowl of soup at Cafe Musa (right beside New College). I have to say, it was very weird being back in Edinburgh -- felt kind of surreal, like when something you thought was a dream is proven to be reality. Strange, but fun.

Standing in the entrance of New College, Nathan's old stomping grounds.

A pretty little street behind New College.

On the Royal Mile

Edinburgh Castle

More castle

The view from the castle.  Trudy's camera had a miniaturizing effect -- pretty cool!

Castle canon

St. Margaret's Chapel, inside the castle.  This is the oldest building in Edinburgh.

St. Margaret herself.

Taking a short rest inside St. Margaret's Chapel.

An overcast morning turned into a beautiful day, at least briefly!

Graffiti on one of the dungeon doors. 
 The American flag in the upper left corner was carved by a POW during the American Revolution.

Dungeon quarters

Cloudy skies return.

We got our train to St. Andrews, and by then we were feeling the need for sleep. But after checking into the B&B we had supper at a little pub and then finally went to bed about 8:30, and slept till 8:30 this morning.

Our view from the train.  The little white specks are sheep.

 I gave my paper and talked to a couple of interesting fellows, including one who is a ph.d candidate at the University of Durham in Christian ethics. He's a graduate of both Biola (2003) and Talbot. I told him that he's exactly the kind of guy we're looking for in our department right now! He's only a year into his ph.d., but still, by the time we actually hired someone he'd be in his 3rd year. He asked for my e-mail and so maybe we'll keep in touch. Wouldn't it be funny if we found Kimlyn's replacement at the Harry Potter conference??


MOM said...

These photos bring back such happy memories of our wonderful visit to Edinburgh. I loved St. Margaret's chapel! From what we learned of her story she must have been a wonderful person, too. Why not write a book about her?

I bought a beautiful postcard there for Auntie Meg, but I think I still have it. The only souvenier of the castle we really wanted & could afford.

Can't wait for the next installment.

megarber said...

So glad you had a great time!