Monday, 2 July 2012

St. Andrews, Part I

Oh my goodness -- I'm so sorry about Eden! But so glad she's with you and of course is being well taken care of. What do you think it was? No fever today?

I did see Becky yesterday. She came up to me and at first I didn't recognize her because her hair was very short and purple (well, more of a plum shade, actually). But as soon as she said her name I did recognize her. Unfortunately, she was giving her paper at the same time I was, so I couldn't go and hear her present. But we had a nice little chat, which was fun.

My paper went fine and I had good feedback, although it was a very small crowd. One guy asked me to e-mail it to him (a theology ph.d. student here at St. Andrews). Most of the questions concerned Bonhoeffer, which of course pleased me.

Kennedy Hall, where I presented my paper.

Today I went to a morning session of papers and we've spent all afternoon seeing the castle and the cathedral. Amazing! There was a tunnel dug under the castle once during a seige and it's still there, so down we went. Parts of it were very low (you probably would have had to crawl, if you fit at all), but we braved it. Then we went up St. Rule's Tower in the cathedral. The stairs were the original stone that just wound up and up and up! But from the top we could see the whole town, including the Fairmont hotel far away in the distance. We walked a really long way to get there!

Cathedral ruins.

The cathedral was torn down by zealous reformers, inspired by a fiery sermon preached by John Knox in the castle next door.

Trudy in the cathedral graveyard.  It was rainy, windy and COLD!

Cathedral artifact in the museum.

Castle ruins.

The counter-mine, dug by castle defenders to stop those hoping to invade the castle through a mine (tunnel).

It got pretty tight in there.  Apparently one way they advanced the mine was by burning dead pigs.  Their fat burns hot enough to crack solid stone.  Fun place to be, especially once the fighting started.

Going up, up, up St. Rule's Tower, which is part of the cathedral. 
During the castle siege, the attackers brought a canon up these stairs, in order to fire upon the castle from a good height.

We made it!  You can see the castle there in front of the sea.

Looking down on the ruins of the cathedral and the cathedral graveyard. 
St. Andrews stretches out beyond.

Another view from St. Rule's Tower.

We are now about to seek out a warm restaurant with good food. The weather here is COLD. 40 mph winds today, the high couldn't have been more than 45 degrees, and spitting rain/sleet all day. But, as Mitch says, it's more Scottish that way! On our way out of the cathedral we saw a bagpiper dressed in his kilt getting ready to play out in the wind and rain. He was just warming up, so the sounds he was making were awful, and I kind of giggled. He saw me and also burst out laughing and said, 'My fingers are so cold' . . . with a German accent! We laughed and then he said, 'I'm the most Scottish German you'll ever meet!' Very funny.

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MOM said...

The pictures look like little paintings, the colors are so vivid!

I remember being there, but we didn't climb that tower. Don't remember the tower. Didn't see the tunnel either. Yes, it was St. Andrews. The day we were there was really beautiful.