Wednesday, 25 July 2012

St. Andrews Part II

On our second day in St. Andrews we did a lot of sight-seeing.  We saw the castle, the mine and counter-mine, the cathedral and St. Rule's Tower.  The day was COLD but also beautiful.

In the midst of all the sight-seeing, we paused a moment in the castle gift shop/museum, mostly to catch our breath and get a little warmth.  Just as we were gearing up to go back outside, we ran into a small group of several women and about seven or eight children.  We struck up a conversation with one of the women and she told us she was with a homeschooling group, and they were sight-seeing themselves, even though they were from Scotland, not far from St. Andrews.  They had been studying the Scottish covenanters, so they decided a field trip was in order to see the cathedral torn down after one of John Knox's fiery sermons.  Trudy said, "Oh, you're in luck because here's one of the Covenanters!" indicating me.  The woman looked a little confused, so I explained that I'm descended (both biologically and spiritually) from the Scottish Covenanters.   You should have seen the look on her face -- completely surprised and pleased as punch!  She said, "Oh, I've got to tell the others and our tour guide!" and immediately went off searching for Mr. Scott,  (yes, that was actually the name of her tour guide) and pulling us along after her. 

Mr. Scott was apparently an expert on the Covenanters, so this woman introduced us, saying, "Mr. Scott, you'll never believe it, but I've met an American Covenanter!"  He also was very pleased to meet such an unusual speciman, and asked about my background.  I told him I grew up in the Reformed Presbyterian Church and he immediately indicated that he was familiar with it.  This has happened before, but almost everyone who thinks they know the RPCNA is actually thinking of a different denomination, also called reformed and presbyterian.  So I said, rather skeptically, "Oh, are you familiar with it?"  And Mr. Scott said, "Oh yes, while I was in the airforce I was stationed in Cyprus, and the Reformed Presbyterian Church had started a couple of Christian academies there."  So they had!  I told him my parents had taught in those very schools in the late 60s and were at that very moment living in Cyprus and working at a RP church.  The homeschooling ladies were all abuzz with excitement, and Trudy and I were enjoying ourselves immensely as well.

After a few more minutes of chatting the ladies asked if they could have a picture with me to show that they really had met an American Covenanter.  As you can imagine, I was more than happy to oblige!

We finished the day's sight-seeing (you can see the pictures in the last St. Andrew's post) and then went looking for an Indian restaurant recommended by our cab driver when we arrived.  Let me tell you, that cab driver knew what he was talking about.  For 10 pounds each we got a platter of appetizers, an entree apiece (Tikka Misala chicken), a HUGE garlic nan, and dessert.  It was amazingly delicious, especially after spending the day out in the cold rain.

This American Covenanter went to sleep quite content that night.

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MOM said...

What a great story! This American Covenanter is reading it at the RP International Convention and is so happy you still count yourself as an American Covenanter. I guess once a covie always a least in part.

Love you.