Monday, 30 July 2012

St. Andrews Part III

Surfers coming up from the sea.

The courtyard of St. Mary's College (the school of theology at St. Andrews University) has this wonderful doorway in it.  It reminds me of the door created by Aslan at the end of Prince Caspian.

This thorn tree in the same courtyard is said to have been planted by Mary, Queen of Scots.

St. Mary's also boasts this incredibly old and beautiful tree.  When Nathan and I visited St. Andrews, we seriously contemplated transfering, because the school of theology is just so lovely.  Oh, and there are good theologians there, too.

The entrance to the theology department.


MOM said...

These pictures are great! What have you done to them to give them such unusual effects of color? We have a friend from N.Ireland who surfs all the time in N.Ireland. Yes, he always wears a wetsuit. St. Andrews is so beautiful. Dad and I went there for a day, but we missed so many of these lovely sights.

Anne said...

I love St. Andrew's for so many reasons! That's really funny that you were a mini-celebrity for a day! If I ever get to go again, I'll have to wear a t-shirt advertising that I'm an American Covenanter! :)
Congrats on Phin! She looks like a lot of fun.