Wednesday, 8 August 2012

London! Hyde Park

As the last post mentioned, we went from the Tower of London to Hyde Park. I wanted to show Trudy the Queen's Rose Garden, but made the mistake of thinking it was in Hyde Park, when actually it is in Regent's Park. I'm still a little disappointed we missed the Queen's garden, but Hyde Park was lovely. We were just a week or two too early for full, bursting bloom, but still . . . there's nothing like an English garden.

This little squirrel was clearly used to tourists feeding him.  He actually jumped onto one guy who was throwing him little bits of a granola bar.  Right onto his shoulder!

We walked all the way across the park and ended up here.  I honestly can't remember what this building is, but it looks like it belongs to the royalty!

When we walked out of the park we found ourselves on embassy row!  Embassy after embassy on a beautiful, wide, tree covered street.  Below is the Romanian Embassy.


MOM said...

So beautiful! Now I'm really sorry we missed out on gardens when we were last in London with Simon. Too cold and rainy. But the flowers are so lovely. And they would have been at their best in June.

megarber said...

That garden is BREATHTAKING!