Thursday, 8 November 2012

Children's Museum

Several of our friends have recommended the Children's Museum of Brookings, SD, and since Ann and Evie and Libby were out for a visit this past week, we thought it would be the perfect time to check it out.  What a fun place!  Full of information and hands-on activities, there's more than enough to keep children and parents busy for a whole day.  And downtown Brookings is very nice.  After 11 years as a South Dakotan, this was my first time there.  I was impressed, and a good time was had by all.

We spent at least 20 minutes in this construction zone:

Then it was on to the indoor water fun, with balls, waterfalls, steam and lots of splashing:

The girls (especially Eden) loved the giant light-bright:

Upstairs we discovered big, blue blocks:

Then on to the deli and icecream shop where the kids served us up lunch (and charged quite a price for it, too!)

Painting on the glass:

And Eden's back to the light-bright.

End of the day:

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Yaya said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us. So much fun to see the kids at many good videos, too!

Eden's hair is getting so long & pretty. And she is really growing up, looking for like a kid than a baby. She must have the toughest knees around!

How far is Brookings? I see a visit there in our future, too.

Love all you dear Hitchcocks!