Monday, 25 March 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Girl!

It is snowing outside today, just like it did two years ago on March 25th.  That was the day Eden was born and amazingly, now it is two years later.

She's talking all the time and is in the super-cute stage.  Instead of saying "Ok," she says, "O-tay!"  The other day I hit my arm on the door while getting into the car and said, "Ouch!"  Eden, from her car seat, asked in a very concerned voice, "You o-tay, Mama?  You o-tay?"  She likes to watch "Wile Tatts" (Wild Kratts -- for you Stegalls, this is the latest incarnation of Kratt's Creatures) with Z.  And she sometimes asks to "Otch pee ee esss?  Peese!"  ("Watch PBS?  Please!")  Right now she's working on jumping, and actually manages to get both feet off the floor at the same time.  Only by about a centimeter, but that seems pretty good for a little girl who only started walking about 5 months ago.  When we sing Psalm 4 at bedtime she always chimes in on "new wine!" with great enthusiasm.  And when we pray she calls out names of people to pray for:  "Amah!  Unc Yonny!  Apa Yon!  Yaya!  Papu!  Daddy!  Hee!  Hin!"  (Amah, Uncle Johnny, Papa John, Yaya, Papu, Daddy, Z, Phin.)

Right now Eden loves turtles!  She also somehow has gotten birthdays and turtles all mixed together because she thinks the words to the birthday song are "Happy turtle to you!"  (Actually she says, "Happy turtle, whoo whoo!")  So we decided to have a little birthday party on Saturday with a turtle theme.  I made a turtle birthday cake out of cupcakes, we gave her a stuffed turtle and a turtle egg (you put it in water and it hatches).  And we all sang "Happy Turtle to You!" and she loved it.  Here are some pictures and videos from the day.

Opening presents:

Our wonderful friends Mitch and Jennifer:

The turtle cupcake cake:

Happy Turtle!

All the kids enjoying the cupcakes:

Our good friends Tracy and Anna:

Eden with her present from Mitch and Jennifer -- a turtle nightlight.  The shell has stars and a moon which shine on the ceiling.  It's actually really cool!

How you have grown my little girl.  
From the prettiest baby I've ever seen to a rambunctious and talkative toddler!


Yaya said...

Yes, she has grown! What a happy birthday party. The cake is amazing! Very impressed with the turtle shell. Can't wait to see that cool night light.

Happy Birthday, dear little Eden. We love you so much

Jeremy Hitchcock said...

Great shots! The turtle night light is awesome. The girls have a lady bug one which gets turned on every night - we've gone through dozens of batteries but what the hey. All our love to you guys.