Monday, 15 April 2013


Easter was on March 31st this year.  It was a chilly day in South Dakota and even snowed a little bit, but still a day of celebration.  Nathan preached his first Easter sermon at a little church in Slayton, MN.  The church was very welcoming to all of us, but especially the children, and Nathan's sermon was terrific.  So terrific, in fact, that it gave me just the idea I was looking for to completely overhaul my Intro to Christian Thought class, which I've been wanting to do for some time but haven't been able to discover the centering idea . . . until Easter!

After church we came back to Sioux Falls and had a lovely lunch with several different friends, and the traditional Easter egg hunt.  A wonderful time was had by all . . . and many pictures were taken!

These two pictures aren't Easter, but I just think they're funny:

Z and I colored Easter eggs out back on our new picnic table (which I'm very excited to have this summer!  Hopefully it will make eating outside even easier and more convenient.)

Isn't he just the sweetest boy?

And the sweetest dog . . . 

Easter morning with the Easter baskets (boxes):

One of Z's presents was this bow and arrow set:

Friends at lunch:

Henry and Lisa and Eden at lunch:

Eden found this viking hat at our friends' house:

And she found a turtle too -- what could be better!


The hunt is on!

I love how Eden is checking out Z's basket.


MOM said...

Oh, my, Christina. You are gorgeous in your new Easter finery. The children are very sweet. I see Eden has new shoes in Easter colors.
Much love,

Anonymous said...

Nice Chiefs jersey Eden!