Thursday, 6 June 2013

At Home

The weather continues to be wet and chilly here, which I must admit is very frustrating!  Usually June in South Dakota is gorgeous, but not so far this year.  We were supposed to go to swimming lessons this morning, but they were cancelled, so we stayed home and mostly stayed inside.

Nathan keeps a bag of birdseed on our front porch and the squirrels discovered it and gnawed several big holes in the side.  The result is birdseed all over the front porch, but also animals all over the front porch.  So we did some animal watching.

There was a beautiful cardinal right beside this rabbit, but just as I snapped the picture it flew away.

Nathan hates the squirrels but the rest of us like them.


The Washington Pavilion has a special exhibit on Dr. Seuss which we went to see last week.  Lots of fun!  Z brought a magazine home and made a Lorax's mustache and a Cat-in-the-Hat's bow tie.

And a couple of days ago the kids and I went with our friend Krista to De Smet and had a fantastic time!  (Pictures of that will be posted soon.)  Z made a rope with a machine from the early 20th century and is now getting very good at jumping rope!


Yaya said...

WOW, Z! Your rope jumping is great! How many jumps can you do in a row?

I love you,

Jeremy Hitchcock said...

Great job Z! You are a super jumprope jumper!

The Hitchcocks said...

Z says his record right now is 70.