Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Six Years Old!!

July 15 was Z's 6th birthday.  Oh my!  We had a great day.  He went to a local vacation Bible school in the morning and had a great time, and then we celebrated at home.  We told Z he could either have a small family birthday party and a party with some friends, or just a big family party.  He chose the big family party, which I have to admit, I was pretty happy about.

He wanted ribs for lunch, so we ordered out from Famous Dave's.  Then began the present opening, the cake eating, and the pinata busting.  What a happy day celebrating such a happy event!

The birthday boy!

Eden and Henry enjoying lunch.

Z got a Star Wars cereal bowl from Amah.

Eden getting sunscreen.  She has obviously partaken of the cake already!

Eden and Mama.

Eden with one of the birthday punching balloons.

Henry helping Z with his new bike.  It turned out to be too big, and not accommodating to training wheels, so we're saving it for later and bought him a smaller one on Craigslist.  I overheard him showing both bikes to Eden, saying, "This one is for right now, for learning to ride a bike.  This one is for later, when I'm bigger, like in college."

Z's Red Power Ranger cake.  It included an action figure, which has already been removed.

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