Saturday, 3 August 2013

Creek-Walking and Lake-Swimming

This morning we all jumped out of bed and headed to Lake Vermillion.  Nathan and Z started out fishing and Eden and I went off to explore the creek.  Thanks to the Ergo, we were able to boldly go where no mother and toddler have gone before (thanks, Trudy!), and had a splendid time throwing rocks, catching frogs and just hanging out.

Then Z decided he was done fishing, so he joined us and the exploring got a little more rigorous.  Before long Z had us all wading up the creek to see what we would see.  We didn't catch any more frogs or turtles, but we did get wet and we did have a good time!

"What's that??"

Our little scientist.

This is one of Eden's favorite looks.
Yaya and Papu -- please notice the shirt!!

He didn't fall down (this time), just went in for a closer look.

"This is fun!"

My view for the few minutes I was sitting down.

And the very big and very dead turtle we discovered.  Some girls fishing also gave us a live turtle they caught, but I didn't get a picture of it.

By this time we were all hungry, so we picked up Daddy, who had caught two huge carp, and went to lunch and then swimming in the lake.

That's Z in the water.

Z's creation on the beach.  The "T" shape is a big tar pit and the mound on the left (just by the rock) is a volcano.  (We saw Titans of the Ice Age at the Pavilion this week.)

Bathing beauty, complete with floaties.

This picture reminds me of The Great White Man-Eating Shark: A Cautionary Tale.

I like how you can see Nathan taking the picture in our sunglasses.

And a fine day was had by all!


MOM said...

You jumped out of bed?! I can't believe it.

That turtle looked monstrous! You should have scavenged the shell. Ok...a little messy,but what a find!

Yes, it looked like a great day, a treasure of a day.

The Hitchcocks said...

Ok, you've got me there - we didn't ALL jump out of bed. But everything else is true.