Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Eden goes to a daycare two days a week.  The other day I was there to pick her up, and as usual she ran over with a happy cry when she saw me.  She had a small stuffed bear in her hands, which she immediately showed to me, saying, "This is my baby bear.  Her mama work all day.  She miss her.  I take care her."  Ouch.

Last week Nathan was helping Z with some math homework -- a word problem involving adding up the number of birds in a tree.  As Z thought about it, he closed his eyes tightly and made fists with his hands.  Nathan said, "It's ok if you want to use your fingers to figure out the answer."  To which Z responded, without opening his eyes or unclenching his fists, "I am using my fingers -- they're in my cabeza!"


Anonymous said...

Trudy here - these pictures are ADORABLE!! Miss you all!

MOM said...

I agree, Trudy, the pictures are adorable!

And so are the children. Z's comment made me laught out loud. He is a genius! Is he speaking Spanglish more and more?

I'm glad Eden is learning such good mothering. She has such a caring heart....and so does her mama.