Thursday, 3 October 2013


Last Sunday after church I noticed that Eden's eye was a little red a swollen, like this:

I thought she'd bumped it or something.  But the next morning, the eye was completely swollen shut, and upon closer examination I found what looked like a sting or bite in the corner of her eye.  After a quick trip to the nurse and a good dose of antihistamines, we decided not to worry about it.  After a full afternoon of playing in the dirt, this is what our beautiful little girl looked like:


We had a rainy day today and spent a little while in the backyard.  Z can do this for minutes and even hours.  Who knows what story lines are running through his head.

Meanwhile, Eden looked for an ocean for her baby turtle and sang songs:

"Jesus Loves Me"

"Hush Little Baby"


MOM said...

I am so glad Mama sings a lullaby. These are all so precious. Glad Eden recovered from her sting. Not sure Z liked you intruding on his imaginary world. Dear beautiful children . . .

micah stegall said...

She is a cutie! I am ready for the cabin vacation right now.....