Saturday, 7 December 2013

"He Ordains Praise"

I heard Z singing and playing his guitar during his quiet time today.  By "playing his guitar" I mean strumming loudly.  He was singing a song he made up himself, and I managed to write down two of the verses:

Thank you for creating our world.
You are our king.
We love you, oh God,
And Jesus your Son,
And of course the Holy Spirit.

We will trust you, oh God
We will trust you,
We will trust your son, Jesus.
We trust in you and your Son, holy God
You made your Son rise on the third day.
That was the day of trust.

Now I know I'm biased, but I actually think this is a pretty good song!  Theologically it's way better than half the worship songs out there these days.  In the first verse he talks about the creation of the world, and in the second the resurrection.  This is a great juxtaposition of events, since each is the beginning of a new age.  Secondly, I very much like his emphasis on the Trinity.  And finally I really like the last line describing the day of resurrection as the day of trust, since not only is the resurrection God's response to Jesus' trust in him (Jesus' last words before his death were words of trust -- "Into your hands I commit my spirit"), but also, of course, it is through the resurrection that we are able to trust Jesus.

And of course, I couldn't ask to hear anything better than this coming out of the mouths of my babes.