Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Boy's Valentine Party

I think they must play up Valentine's day at Z's school, because he was totally into it this year.  He decided he wanted to have a party, and since he didn't have school on the 13th (or the 14th, but I did have school), we decided to have a Valentine lunch party.  He invited Amah and his friend Jackson.  Amah couldn't come, so it was just the boys (plus Eden).

Z had many plans for making the party wonderful.  He spent one evening making hearts and Valentines which we hung from our dining room fan.  He had a great idea of making a valentine shield for Jackson.  Imagine Captain America's shield in the shape of a heart.  That's exactly what Z wanted.  For the fighting the two of them would do at the party, of course.

I made a strawberry cake FROM SCRATCH!  Wow, it is a lot of work to make a cake from scratch.  It did taste awesome, if I do say it myself, however, I'm pretty convinced that a box cake with the homemade frosting is really the way to go.  You save a bunch of time with the box, but the frosting still looks and tastes fantastic, and nothing like what you get in a can.  We also had pizza and chocolate hearts and the most unusual Valentine party I've ever attended (which isn't that many).  It might also have been the most fun Valentine party I've attended.  See for yourself:

The hearts and valentines

The cake and Z wearing too-big ninja headgear.  Because of course you dress like a ninja at a Valentine party.

Eden disdained the cake and just ate icecream.

See the little black and blue thing on the table by Z's plate?  It's a rubberband bracelet.  They're all the rage now with elementary school kids.  So I dutifully went out and bought a rainbow loom and Z and I worked on making bracelets (the other activity planned for the party).  Some, like the fishtail, are pretty easy to make.  The one that you see, called a zippy chain, took me four tries -- four tries!  And it only became clear that it wasn't going to work at the very end, after I'd done all the stupid weaving.  Sheesh.

We thought Jackson's shirt was very funny, and so did he!

Yummy cake!  Z saved all the frosting for last.

For some reason this last video won't upload - and it's the best one!  See it through this link.