Monday, 16 June 2014

Father's Day

This year for Mother's Day Eden's daycare provider helped her make a fun little present for me.  She asked Eden a bunch of questions about me and wrote down whatever Eden said.  It went like this (Eden's responses are in red):

1.  My mom is 1 years old.
2.  My mom weighs 4 pounds.
3.  My mom's favorite color is yellow.
4.  My mom cooks the best chicken.
5.  My mom's job is school stuff.
6.  My mom and I like to play games.
7.  My mom really loves me.
8.  I LOVE my mom because I love her so much.

I loved it!  So I decided to do something similar for Father's Day, but this time did it with both Z and Eden.  Here's the list of questions and their answers (which they gave separately):

1.  What is Daddy’s name?
Eden:  Daddy
Z:  Nathan and Daddy

2.  What does Daddy do for fun?
Eden:  Play with  me.
Z:  He does nothing for fun because he’s a grown-up.  And he goes bowling.

3.  What does Daddy do at work?
Eden:  He does stuff.
Z:  Works in a classroom. 

4.  What are his favorite things to eat?
Eden:  Chicken!
Z:  Pork

5.  What does he like to drink?
Eden:  Water!
Z:  Whisky

6.  How old is Daddy?
Eden:  28
Z:  36

7.  How tall is Daddy?
Eden:  Like a monster.
Z:  6 feet 3 inches  (This is actually exactly right.)

8.  How much does Daddy weigh?
Eden:  28 pounds
Z:  950 pounds  (This is not exactly right.)

9.  What makes Daddy the best daddy?
Eden:  Daddy baddy.  Because he’s my friend.  Because he’s my daddy.
Z:  He wrestles with me.

10.  What is your favorite thing about Daddy?
Eden:  Playing puzzles and playing games.
Z:  That he’s not 24.

11.  How long have you known Daddy?
Eden:  Like three times.
Z:  For 6 years

12.  When did you meet Daddy?
Eden:  When I growed up to be a big girl.
Z:  On the day of my birth


MOM said...

Sweet idea. Eden's concept of numbers still needs some work. :)

Elliott said...

Z sounds so intelligent and precise!