Friday, 19 September 2014

Fossils, Legos, and Doctors

Z participated in his school's Hobby Fair this year.  He and Nathan worked very hard on a display/game in which Z showed off rocks and fossils and other things from his collection, and kids had to identify what each thing was: a rock, a fossil or an "other".  Anyone who played the game got a piece of candy.  It was a great success (except for the fact that I didn't take a single picture of the event).  Kids were lined up to play the game and try to figure out the difference between rocks and fossils.  Z did a wonderful job of explaining the game, explaining the difference between rocks and fossils, telling kids the correct answers, and then handing out the candy.  His display was so busy he had almost no time to look at all the other hobbies on display.  But he did manage to see a couple, one of which was a display of lego figures.  We asked the kid which one was his favorite, and he pointed to a little lego nurse.  He said it was his favorite because his mom is a nurse.

Eden, meanwhile, was having a fantastic time roaming around the room with Amah.  There were quite a few displays of the Lego Friends (legos for girls).  She particularly liked the lego set of a veterinarian's office.  (I don't know why these lego sets have to be called "Lego Friends."  Why can't they just be called Legos, and whoever likes them, girls or boys, can buy them and play with them??).

On the way home, the three of us had the following conversation:

Z:  Why did that kid like the nurse lego figure the best?
Me:  Because his mom is a nurse.
Eden:  His mom is a nurse?
Me:  That's what he said.
Z:  But you're a doctor, right?
Me:  Yes, I'm a doctor.
Eden:  But not the kind that helps people.
Me:  That's true.  I'm a doctor of theology, not medicine.
Z:  But you help people learn more about God.
Me:  That's true! (feeling happy to be understood and appreciated!)
Eden:  But you're still our mom, right?
Me:  Yes, I'm your mom, and I'm a doctor.
Eden:  Is everyone's mom a doctor?
Me:  No, not everyone's.  But yours is.

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MOM said...

Eden is the greatest conversationalist!

Loved Z's hobby display. Wish we could have been there. Congrats to Z & Nathan!