Saturday, 4 October 2014


Last night we went out for dessert with Amah (Nathan's mom).   This is the conversation we had in the car.

Eden:  What's my nickname?
Me:  Well, sometimes I call you "Sweetness."
Eden:  I think you should call me "Sucker" because I suck my thumb.
Z (yelling):  Yes!  Suckerrr!
Amah (trying not to laugh): Or, maybe we could call you something else.  Like maybe "Bright Eyes."
Eden (contemplating this suggestion as she sucks her thumb): No . . . I think you should call me "Sucker."
Z (absolutely delighted):  Sucker!  Eden's nickname is Suckerrrr!

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MOM said...

Very very funny! Gave me a great laugh-out-loud moment to start the day. Of course the picture is soooo cute, too.