Saturday, 1 November 2014

We're Moving!

For about three years, Nathan and I have been thinking about the idea of moving to the edge of Sioux Falls, maybe on a little acreage, preferably something near the water.  We've looked at dozens of properties online and looked at quite a few in person.  Two years ago we actually made an offer on a five acre property right on the river, but the deal fell through due to the inspection.  We've kind of discovered that the places we like are out of our price range, and the places in our price range are not places we like.

Anyhoo . . . about two weeks ago one of Nathan's colleagues brought a new property to our attention.  It was way too expensive, so neither one of us thought anything of it until our friend mentioned the owners might be open to renting.  Nathan did a little digging online and then called the owners, and it turned out this was true.  After some negotiating, we have signed a lease and will be moving to our new place in two weeks!  We'll be there for at least a year, maybe longer.  We're keeping our current house and renting it out for the year.  The new house is quirky (it's round) but also charming, but best of all it's on a five acre lot right on the river with fantastic river access.  It really is quite beautiful.  Eden and I have big plans to hatch ducklings and adopt turtles next spring and summer.  It's at the end of a paved road, which means good driving during winter but not much traffic, and (one of my favorite little details) it's right across the street from the Sioux Falls Polo Club.  Actual polo is played there during the summer.

If you'd like to see pictures, check out this site.  And if you want to help us move, just let us know!!