Saturday, 3 January 2015

Orlando, Florida

We're in sunny Florida right now.  Yesterday's high was 81, today's was 84.  Lovely.  The kids have been looking forward to this vacation for months (and so have I).  When we arrived in the Orlando airport Eden was so excited and kept saying, "I can't believe we're in Florida!  I can't believe we're in Florida!"  We went to the carousel to pick up our bags and while we were waiting we overheard a woman on her cell phone who seemed to talking to some computer trying to get information, maybe a phone number.  Finally she lost her patience and yelled really loudly, "Orlando f***ing Florida!"  Yikes.

We got our bags and went outside to get a taxi.  As we walked out of the airport we were enveloped in warm, humid air.  I said, "Yay, we're in Florida!"  Eden looked up at me with a super happy smile and yelled in her most excited voice, "Orlando f***ing Florida!"

Let the good times roll! :-)

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