Sunday, 29 March 2015


A couple of weeks ago when it was still freezing cold, we walked across the frozen river into Iowa.  The river in our back yard is actually the state line, so once you cross over, you're in an Iowa state park called Gitchie Manitou State Park.  It's pretty cool.  We walked back into the woods and the kids made a great fort in an huge tree that had fallen over.  We saw several different animal tracks, which fascinated Eden in particular.  She noticed that each one of us made different tracks because we were all wearing different kinds of boots.  We were back on the beach and Nathan had walked away and around a bend where we couldn't see him, but Eden found his tracks and decided to follow them.  She was so excited when they led us right to him -- success!  On our way back she noticed a different set of tracks and knelt down to get a good look at them.  I asked her whose track they were, and she said,, "They're mine!"  She looked hard at them again, then stood up, scanned the horizon like John Wayne in The Searchers, and muttered to herself, "Where are you, Eden?"


MOM said...

Did Eden see The Searchers? Where did she get that? She learns every interesting catch-phrase!

The Hitchcocks said...

No, she hasn't seen any movie about tracking or with John Wayne -- that's what makes it so funny! As she so often says when I ask her where she learned a certain phrase or word, "I just learned it from my brain, Mama!"