Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Make Way for Ducklings!

We have been incubating duck eggs for the last 25 days, and yesterday they hatched!  They hatched three days earlier than expected, so we were a little surprised, but very excited.

You can see the holes in each of these eggs.

We were just about to leave the house to go swimming, and when we came back, four ducklings had hatched!

We didn't even have a brooder set up because I hadn't been expecting them so early!  So I ran to Campbell's and got our supplies, came home and set up a brooder, and by that time, five little ducklings were ready to move from the incubator to the brooder.

Here they are, still all wet and tired.  It's hard work getting yourself out of an egg!

All of us had so much fun watching them settle in and get dried off.

Then it was time for the kids to go to bed.  I thought maybe the other two eggs were duds, but when we went up to check, there were cracks in the shells!  But they had a long way to go.  By the time Nathan went to bed, there was a little hole in each shell, and you could hear peeping from inside, so we knew they were coming.  I stayed up to see the big event, and it was amazing.  They peck a circle around the top third of the egg, and then just push the top off and themselves out.  I got a couple of videos of the last little guy making his way into the world.

So now we've got seven little ducklings!  They all seem pretty lively and happy, and they took their first swim in the pool today.  Eden and I were watching them in the brooder this morning and she said, "Mama, I just can't take my eyes off the ducklings!"

They love to sleep in a big pile.


MOM said...

Thanks for letting us see the ducklings hatch. I can see why Eden is so enthralled! What a beautiful thing for Eden and Z to Witness. But I feel a little sorry for the ducklings with no Mrs. Mallard to show they the way of duck life. How will they learn all those duck things without a mother to teach them? In the last video I imagine they're all trying to get under her wing.

New life is so amazing! I'm reminded of the little ducklings beside our first cabin the first time we went to Sammy Lane. Such a sweet memory. God was good to give us Sammy Lane for so many years. Oh, dear... now I'm off down memory lane...

Anne said...

So sweet! How are they doing by now?