Tuesday, 28 July 2015

De Smet

We love going to De Smet!  The last books of the Little House on the Prairie series all took place in De Smet, SD.  The Ingalls homestead there has been turned into a sort of living museum, and in town you can see many of the original buildings from the books, including the surveyor's house and the house Pa built for his family later in life.  The homestead is our favorite.  There are lots of animals and fun activities like washing clothes, making rope and corn cob dolls, grinding wheat.  This year we went with our good friends the Cones.

Lydia and Eden going for a buggy ride.

There was the cutest baby miniature pony.  You can see the girls adored him.  Z liked him too, I think.

Buggy rides and horse back rides for everyone.

Taking the wagon to school.  Each of the kids had a turn driving.

School time!

Making rope.  The teenagers that work there are fantastic!  This girl even remembered me from last year.

Z, Lydia, Eden, and Abby

I overheard a girl saying she had found kittens in the barn, so we went looking.  They were very hard to find hidden behind some hay bales, but totally worth it.  Their eyes were just open and they were just the sweetest thing.  We spend the last 45 minutes of our visit with the kittens -- the kids were smitten!

A kitten for every kid.

Eden and Rebecca

Abby, Z, Eden, and Lydia.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Beautiful Babies

Happy Summer Time

Yesterday both Eden and Z were looking forward to winter and all its joys -- sledding, snowfall, Christmas.  But I love summer -- warm and carefree and happy summer.

Eight male chicks came with the ducklings to keep them warm.  We gave them away on Craigslist but Eden loved them while we had them.

What a grown-up boy.

On the 4th of July we walked up the hill and watched our neighbors set off some fantastic fireworks!  It was the best show we've seen in Sioux Falls since we moved here.

Eden discovered that crushing the sidewalk chalk and mixing it with water turns it into great paint which is especially good for face painting.