Thursday, 20 August 2015

Good Times with Grandma and Grandpa

Last month Grandpa Lee and Grandma Cindy drove up from Texas to see us at the round house.  How much fun we had, watching a polo match across the street at Windrows, checking out the tractor parade at the Granite Threshing Bee, and gobbling up delicious meals left and right.  Most of all, it was just good to be with each other!

Can one eat his weight in pancakes?  Let us try.
Hiding under the cover of the trees we watched Sioux Falls polo club take down a Minneapolis squad.

The Granite Threshing Bee included a tractor pedal-pull for the kids.  Eden eagerly signed up.  Z was reluctant.  But then, spurred on by the excitement and the provision of sugary beverages by Grandpa, he signed up too.

Eden is clearly from the city.  She got clobbered by the farm girls - but was blissed out the whole time and didn't seem to notice.

Z also had a good ol' time, but didn't fare any better against the John Deere-capped youths of Iowa.  What do they feed those rural scions?

And walks by the river were enjoyed by all.

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MOM said...

"rural scions" ! ... just wait til the competition is about vocabulary. I bet they'll wamp the rural scions. :)

Love the hat, Christina. Love you all.