Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Z and Eden Quotables, ages 8 and 4

Eden: Wuffta! [As in the Scandinavian exclamation]


[Z and Eden received stickerbooks in the mail, a Star Wars one for Z, a wedding dress-up one for Eden.  They got competitive quickly.]

Z: You don't have a light saber.

Eden: You don't have a red dress.

Z: You don't have a smuggler's helmet.

Eden: You don't have a gloss of lipstick.

Z: You don't have a bunch of first-order freaks.


[Z is particularly obsessed about the seventh Star Wars movie and is already dreaming about the eighth.]

Z: What do you think the new Star Wars movie will be called?

Eden: Avenger.

Daddy: Triumph of the Wookies.

Christina: The Force Hits the Snooze Button.

Z: Why!?  Am I the only one who's going to call it a sensible name!?