Saturday, 2 April 2016

Eden's Preschool Christmas Program

This is ridiculously late, but better now than never!  Eden took part in her preschool Christmas program last Christmas and it was wonderful and so was she.  She marched into the auditorium in her pretty red Christmas dress, so excited to take part in the program!

The children started with a song, which Eden led out on -- all the other children following along.  The theme of the program was that the night Jesus was born was "a night like no other" and each child learned a specific line along that theme.  Eden's was, "It was a night like no other for shepherds and their sheep."  She spoke her line very clearly right into the microphone!

They sang several songs, and, my favorite, they formed a bell choir!  Each child had a differently colored bell, and the teacher held up cards corresponding to those colors.  When the teacher held up your color, you rang your bell!  They played "Silent Night" and did a really amazing job!  All the kids were so serious and so concentrated on their teacher -- it was delightful.


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MOM said...

Think of it, your daughter being the lead singer! Wish I could have been there. No video!?