Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Christian Education

Nathan again.  It has been a surprising experience doing Christian education with my children.  So much of what you say sticks with them - just not necessarily what you plan.  So much of what they articulate back to you is fresh and real yet totally age-appropriate.  Here's an example from this morning.  I drive Z to school, and our morning commute is when most of our substantive interaction takes place (the rest of the day is grunting and wrestling).

Z: What's a private school?

N: It's a school that's not run by the government.  A government-run school is called a public school, and it is paid for with tax dollars.  Private schools are paid for by parents.  You have a good public school, but someday you will probably go to a private school.  What mommy and I like about private schools is that many of them talk about Jesus there openly.  And they teach subjects differently, with God in mind.

Z: Oh.  I though a private school was where students got taught privately, one on one.

N: Another great reason for going to a private Christian school is that there's a good chance you'll have Christian friends.  I hope you have non-Christian friends too, but that you are sure to have some Christian friends.

Z: I have a Christian friend.

N: You do?

Z: Yeah, J.

N: Of course.  I can see that J. is taking his faith seriously, which I respect about him.

Z: I don't know if E. and B. are Christians.  I think they are.

N: It's possible.  But sometimes people call themselves Christian, even go to church, but don't really know about Jesus.  That's why it's important that you talk to them about Jesus.  They need to know God.  [Adding a serious tone.]  And life is short.

Z: Life is short.  I thought [my cousin] Ethan's birthday just happened recently, but it's coming up in just a few weeks.

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MOM said...

Wonderful conversation! Life is short indeed!