Saturday, 25 June 2016

A Primer in Brotherhood

Another Lazarus quotable:

“Eden, drink the ketchup.  I’m eight years old, and I give pretty good advice most times.  And this is one of those times."

Monday, 20 June 2016

Omaha Zoo Part 1

In August we went to Omaha to visit the zoo.  We stayed at a nice hotel which had the BEST cake we've ever had.  I'm not kidding -- I'm not a big cake person, but this cake was awesome!

We spent a good bit of time watching tv.  We don't get cable at home, so the kids love watching Teen Titans Go and various other things on the Cartoon Network.  Eden is completely fascinated and sucked in by every single advertisement.  At one point she was sitting on the bed in her sleepshirt, sucking her thumb and rubbing her face with her string, when an add for Eliquis (an anti-stroke medicine) came on.  The ad shows a 60-something man running around a college campus as the narrator tells you all the benefits (and drawbacks) of the medicine.  At the end of the ad he says, "Ask your doctor if Eliquis is right for you."  Eden turns to me with eyes as big as saucers, removes her thumb from her mouth, and says, "Mama, I think Eliquis is right for me."

And of course the zoo!  We had a great time there.  When we went to see the rhinos Z got there first and yelled out to me as loud as he could, "Mama, this rhino has the biggest penis EVER!"  A good time was had by all!