Saturday, 1 October 2016

Papu's Birthday Party

This summer while we were in Kansas, we had a surprise birthday party for Papu, who turned 70 on August 9!  I think we pulled off the surprise part, and everyone had a very good time at Micah and Christie's new house.

Christie's beautiful seaside birthday cake.

Charis, Katy, and Z

Me and Simon.

Mom, Patty, and Uncle Kim.


I love the look Leya is giving Papu.

Caleb, Uncle Frank, and Micah.

Me and Papu.

Z, Faith, and Eden watch Papu open cards.


Ann and Leya

Papu loves to play a game with the little grandkids in which he makes an observation that is blatantly false, and they correct him, over and over.  This video is hilarious because he finally trips up Eden, much to everyone's delight!

And in this video, Eden and Faith dance the chicken dance to the birthday card Eden picked out for Papu.

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MOM said...

Love it! Happy Birthday to our dear Papu. So glad you caught Eden & Papu playing the color game. Thanks for the party. Thanks for the pictures. Thanks for the love...