Monday, 28 November 2016


We went to a Stampede game last night.  They're the local minor league hockey team.  Apparently it is a tradition at Stampede games to, at some point, play "Cotton Eye Joe," which is the signal for men and boys of all ages to whip off their shirts and whirl them around their heads while they dance to the music, hoping to get up on the big screen.  Eden, who enjoyed every minute of the game, was not going to be denied participation in this particular ritual.  She didn't get featured on the big screen, so here she is on the little screen!

Thursday, 24 November 2016


We had a lovely Thanksgiving day.  We all slept in till about 8:30, and then after breakfast Eden announced that it was present time!  A few days ago she asked me why we didn't give presents at Thanksgiving, and I said it just wasn't part of the tradition.  Well, Eden cast tradition to the wayside and made presents for everyone anyway!  She had us all sit on the couch and then she brought up the presents and the cards.  She had a card for each of us, which she'd written on her own, which said, "I love Mama, Love Eden" or "I love Daddy, Love Eden" or "I love Z, Love Eden" with a picture drawn on it.  Then a present for everyone!  She gave Z one of her pokemon cards that he wanted, she gave Nathan a little bean bag, and she gave me a little snow globe with an elephant in it which she bought yesterday with her own money!  I was so surprised.  Then Z jumped up, ran off, and was back in a second, handing me another snow globe, this one with an owl in it!  They had been out with Nathan the other day and each spent their own money to buy me a present!  They are the sweetest kids ever.  Eden was just glowing with pleasure at the present giving, even though no one had given her a present at all.

Eden and Z with the snow globes they gave me.
After that the kids worked on decorating a gingerbread house they had bought at the store, and did a very nice job with it.

We then went to the USF gym, which was totally deserted, and exercised and scooted and played basketball in preparation for the piles of food we planned to eat later.  After the gym we came home, took showers, made food, and headed off to Amah's to eat.  The food was fantastic and the company was delightful!  It was a very happy day.

Apple pie and shortbread.
Nathan carves the turkey.

Monday, 14 November 2016

The Vote Is In

Eden's class had a presidential election of their own.  Below you can see Eden voting, a picture of the whole class, and the results.  Obviously Eden's classroom is NOT a microcosm of the greater American society!


I asked Eden whom she had voted for, and she told me Hillary Clinton.  I asked her why and she said, "I don't want Donald Trump to be president because he wants to build a wall between us and our friends.  So I voted for Hillary Clinton because he just wants to be president."  I said yes, that was sound reasoning, but did she know that Hillary Clinton is a woman?  She said, "No he's not!"  I said, "Yes, she is."  Cleary we're not talking much in our house about breaking glass ceilings! :-)

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

In better news . . .

Z's team won their basketball game last night!!

Monday, 7 November 2016

This and That

I had my first Spanish conversation with Z yesterday.  He was playing a video game  in which you flew a vehicle through streets and towns and tried not to crash.  We started talking about the "cerdito" (a vehicle shaped like a pig) he wanted to buy.  It was a very funny conversation, all in Spanish, about how much it would cost, could he buy it with coins or dollars, and how do you earn coins.  I felt gratified.


This morning Eden showed me her "tool box".  It holds all her crafting tools.  That girl is quite the crafter these days -- she will craft by the hour.  She's super creative.  I don't know where she got those genes.


Z is on a YMCA basketball team this year and is having a great time.  He had his first game last week.  They lost 10-13, but it was a nail-biter!  Z played about the half the game and did a good job -- he even stole the ball once!  (He's number 44)


On the way home from school today Eden said to me, "Here's a list of the things that terrify me: tarantulas, scorpions, war, death. . . . And falling off of high cliffs."  I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!


Nathan and I started watching The Crown on Netflix a couple of days ago.  So far, I like it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween Eden was a gumball machine (her own idea) and Z was a Jedi -- I believe he was a young Obi-wan to be exact.  We went to the church party to start with and loaded up on games, candy, chili, and pumpkin pie.  Yummy!  Amah also came along and did the face painting.  She painted a beard on Z, so he looked more like Obi-wan, and a cheetah face on Eden.  So she was a cheetah-faced gumball machine.  Then we trick-or-treated around our neighborhood for awhile and then came back home pooped and ready for bed!

A little bit of the beard left.  You can see the bag full of candy, too.

She looks like someone from the Capital (The Hunger Games)