Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Gifts from Oregon!

We got a Christmas package from Oregon today and opened it right away because it was marked "perishable."  My goodness, it was a feast of fat things -- truffles, smoked salmon, caramel popcorn, baclava, chocolate covered cherries, and pears!  Thank you Jeremy, Ann, Evie, Libby, and Gideon!  We each had a chocolate covered cherry after supper tonight and they were scrumptious!  The boxes came wrapped in a beautiful gold ribbon which Eden is enjoying as much as the food!


Yaya said...

What a beautiful ribbon twirler! Love you, Eden!

Pace yourselves on all the goodies.

The Hitchcocks said...

By the way, Mom, Nathan and I shared the baklava last night, and while it was good, I'm afraid it didn't compare to yours!