Saturday, 21 January 2017

Philosopher Z

Yesterday the kids didn't have school and Z was up before me.  When I got up, I asked him what he'd been doing and he showed me this:

He had been reading The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy, a book I'm reading for a paper I'm writing about Harry Potter.  The first chapter is about the nature of the soul in the Harry Potter books.  The author begins with an explanation of five different philosophical views on the soul.  Z's notes say,

"Life source view.  Very good view till the plants.
Sentince view.  More like the real world much like nerves.
Cartesian view: Rene descartes thoughg [thought] that the setinces [sentient] stuff could be completed by material causes.  We need souls to use language and formulate complexe beliefs.  Thinks animals don't have souls to what I understand.
Materialism: Thinks that the senses just phicical [physical] forces.  All mental function is phisical proces.
Sentimental view:"

He didn't quite get to notes on the sentimental view, but I have to say, I was impressed.  If you read the chapter you'll see he's dead on, but that most of his notes are in his own words.  Wow!  I wish I could get my Intro students to do this!

He then asked me which view I agreed with and I told him my view was more biblical and theological than philosophical, and had to do with the idea that what we call the "soul" is about the idea that God chose us to love and to love him.  When I asked him which view he liked, he said he wasn't sure.  He said he had to read the Cartesian view three times before he understood it.  I told him I have to read things over all the time, and that is just fine and a great way to make sure you really understand something.

Pretty awesome.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Christmas in South Dakota

We began our Christmas vacation in South Dakota.  On Christmas Eve we went to church and then had a great meal and opened presents with Amah and Papa John.

Eden decked out in all her new outdoor clothes.

Z and Eden playing their new game.

On Christmas morning we opened stockings at home.

Z made letters for each of the stockings so no one would be confused.  And Phin looks a little possessed.

Eden wearing and holding some of her stocking loot.  She's been wanting that remote control puppy ever since we bought it for one of her friends on her birthday back in September.

We had planned to leave right away for Kansas, but we were right at the tail end of some freezing rain, so we waited it out for about an our.  Z finished one of the lego sets he'd opened the night before.  He's also wearing his new Stampede sweatshirt.

And then we piled in the van and drove down to Kansas.  More pictures soon to come!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

From the Past

I just found these videos Z made at Spanish camp a couple of years ago.  The kids got to work with a green screen.

Arizona in January

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Arizona.  Nathan was at a conference there, so the kids and I tagged along for the last few days.  We were supposed to leave Thursday night at 8:30, but after sitting in the airplane for a couple of hours and then being told the plane was broken (they couldn't release the parking brake), we went home and to bed at about 1:00 a.m.  But, we were back at the airport the next morning ready to try again.  And Arizona was worth it!  Sunny and in the 60s, we thoroughly enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, I got very few photos.  But here's a few from the pool.

And one from breakfast.  Vacation breakfasts are the best!