Friday, 20 January 2017

Christmas in South Dakota

We began our Christmas vacation in South Dakota.  On Christmas Eve we went to church and then had a great meal and opened presents with Amah and Papa John.

Eden decked out in all her new outdoor clothes.

Z and Eden playing their new game.

On Christmas morning we opened stockings at home.

Z made letters for each of the stockings so no one would be confused.  And Phin looks a little possessed.

Eden wearing and holding some of her stocking loot.  She's been wanting that remote control puppy ever since we bought it for one of her friends on her birthday back in September.

We had planned to leave right away for Kansas, but we were right at the tail end of some freezing rain, so we waited it out for about an our.  Z finished one of the lego sets he'd opened the night before.  He's also wearing his new Stampede sweatshirt.

And then we piled in the van and drove down to Kansas.  More pictures soon to come!

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MOM said...

Is Eden wearing tap shoes? Cool! I want a video of her tap dancing. Is Spot still doing his somersaults?