Thursday, 27 April 2017

A lot has happened in the last month!  Here's a very quick update.
Z had an orchestra concert and did great.  He really loves being in the orchestra!

Z is super hard to see in this video, but he's two heads over from the blond kid in the front towards the right of the screen.

Eden had a birthday and turned 6!  There will be more pictures and videos on this soon.

Z applied to be on student council next year.  He did a great job filling out the application form!
We've had some fun with our new friends the Rai family.  They are an immigrant family from Nepal who just moved to Sioux Falls last October.

We celebrated Easter and had a wonderful time.  Here's Eden in her Easter finery.  More pictures and videos on Easter soon, too.
And the biggest news -- we moved!  We've been enjoying the new place and our eager for more warm and beautiful days!